Q: How does your shipping work?

We only have one shipping options available – that is standard South African Postal Service surface mail. We charge a standard $35 shipping fee for anywhere in the world. We will provide you with a tracking number and you can track the parcel as it makes it’s way to you. Alternatively, if you are based in Johannesburg you may opt to collect from us directly, of course there is no charge if you choose this option.

Q: The painting I ordered is on ‘backorder’, what does this mean?

This means that the painting in the picture has been sold but Mark will paint a new one for you and we will ship it to you as soon as it is finished. So your painting won’t be the one in the photographs but it will be the identical subject matter and the same great quality. Size and material may vary slightly.

Q: What materials does Mark use? 

Mark is a resourceful guy and so he makes use of lots of ‘found’ materials for his artworks. So you might notice that your artwork was painted on an old piece of masonite (most common), or a piece of wood, sometimes sheet steel too.

We will be updating this FAQ section as we go so in the meantime please send any further queries to info@marksign.co.za